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IMPORTANT: When you download, the password for the user: XMUser is 'railgun' without the single-quotes. (In case you log the user off by accident without changing the password, as it logs in by default) for the root user, (yoe really want to change this password), it's 'XM1500RG' again, no quotes. to change the password, open konsole, and type 'su' (for anything in single quotes, don't include the quotes), then type the root password, then type 'passwd', after that, type the new password, if it asks for the current password, type the root password again. Also I am not liable for any damage done during installation or use.

XMach OS is now in release: 'Railgun' (or 4.0.0) 

Download: Live CD (Recommended) (MD5 checksum: ) VMDK (for virtualbox/vmware) (MD5 checksum: ) Preload ISO (for burning to discs and dumping to a hard drive of your choice, NOT a live CD) (MD5 checksum: ) Raw Disk Image (for USBs, external drives, etc. as long as you have the tools to properly place it!) (MD5 checksum: ).

For Older Versions: No more copies for older versions available, although current owners are free to redistribute the older version under its license. 

This new release is based on openSuSE for the moment, I will also be working on a distro either completely from scratch/no base, or from Debian. It will be kind of a mixture of development and general use, containing dev tools and a wine+mono environment to be able to run our software! Some common  software installed: Firefox Browser, KDE4 desktop environment, GIMP, including a little bit of openSuSE software.

status: XMach my no longer be supported, I will instead change this site to host a new distro I'm making...

Please note the video that was posted on the home page earlier no longer portrays the sleek new look of XMach release: 'Railgun'!

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