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Some informaion about this program: pleas read, on the Note part of the antivirus, it will say this scanner will only detect files  that are for download at http://www.spartucus48.webs.com/ Please ignore that, we have actually added embedded definitions to the file, so, it will scan a lot more viruses and spyware then files from that website.

status:working, download here 


helpfulbatchfiles XG Browser

Thylakoid Keylogger

Tyrant PK Process manager - A little info (PLEASE READ) Please choose to run Tyrant after Install by checking the checkbox and clicking finish, then continue with the button, it will show an error, hit quit, run it again, it will work afterward.

helpfulbatchfiles WB Web Source Grabber - Important:there is a slight glitch for some computers that is currently being fixed that the process is still running after you exit, so just open task manager and end it. (if the process is not there when you open task manager, then you don't have to check again, it closed correctly.)

helpfulbatchfiles Download Manager Restarter file - A file that came with the helpfulbatchfiles download manager that can be used as a command-line tool to restart programs (usage: restarter.exe <path to running file> <optional file title>)

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